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Research on Magnetic Loops and Torsion Fields

Early in January 2023 the idea came to me of bar magnets joined at right angles and I had the thought that if these were connected to form a square, that magnetic energy would flow in a circle.

I thought about this for a while and then I remembered what I had read about torsion fields. I realised that the magnets might be producing a torsion field and that this might have healing properties.


To test this I had to get the right kind of bar magnets and I ordered the 75mm magnets shown below which are ideal for demonstration purposes and are available in the EU. I tested these and found them to be effective. These magnets are difficult to obtain in the US, so I identified and ordered the 50mm magnets in the lower image from and tested them and found them to be effective and while being slightly smaller, gave a more focused energy.

Magnetic Loop Healing

Since I had suffered from an enlarged prostate for many years, being 78 years old, I decided to put the magnets in the Amazon envelope that had arrived in and sit on them.

I did this on 12th January while reading a book and after 20 minutes I felt very spaced out. I stopped for a while but continued later and sat on the magnets for about an hour.

That afternoon I felt an increase in energy and an improvement in symptoms.

Here is my chair with the Amazon packet containing the magnets, and below is a picture of the magnets removed from the envelope.

It is not uncomfortable if you are sitting on a chair with a soft cushion.

I have only tested the magnets in this configuration which I believed to produce an anticlockwise torsion field. This proved to be inaccurate as will be seen below.

As part of my investigations, I did a patent search and could not find any reference to permanent magnets used in a loop.

I had worked on patents for many years, and I know that by making this idea freely available, it cannot be validly patented.

Magnets to help with chronic pain

Help with Health Symptoms

Effects after a couple days

After three days sitting on the magnets for about two hours each day, I found that the symptoms of an enlarged prostate had improved.

On the fourth day, I felt that the exposure to the energy of the magnets was affecting my ability to settle down to sleep and I decided to reduce my exposure to one hour per day.

There was continued improvement and by the ninth day I no longer needed to visit the bathroom during the night.

Other Effects

My wife had also been using the magnets and reported a relief from the pain of arthritis in her left hand and her hip.

I then decided to treat a chronic pain in my right thigh. This was not very serious but affected my comfort when sleeping on my right side.

I gave this one hour per day while continuing the prostate treatment. I should state that even with medication I had been having difficulty and had been contemplating prostate surgery.

Test of Torsion Energy

I found that a torsion testing device could be made from an aluminium bar. I made one and suspended it over a protractor and allowed it to settle with the bar at zero degrees. A healing pad was placed over the protractor and the bar was found to deflect slowly in a clockwise direction. This test was repeated five times.

The average deflection after one hour was 31 degrees. A further deflection of 16 degrees was seen after the second hour and after the third hour, a further deflection of 13 degrees. The magnet pad was then removed but the bar continued to deflect for up to 12 hours, showing that the whole area and bar were charged with energy. Consequently it was necessary to carry out each subsequent test in a new location. I also found that the test was adversely affected by being carried out near to concrete and may be affected by plastics. This test is extremely sensitive to surrounding conditions and should not be undertaken without consultation

Swanson refers to the need to prepare a “conditioned space “for torsion testing in order to obtain results. Ref.1.  

He says that “the subtle energy “charge” seems to stay in the vicinity where the healing took place.”  Ref. 2.

At this point I felt that I needed to investigate the effect of magnets on living organisms since it was clear that a potentially powerful but not well known energy was present.

Mung beans

I decided to set up a test by sprouting mung beans. One set was placed on a dish over a magnet pad and the other had no magnets. I selected a representative sample of beans which are shown on the left. The beans on the left were the ones treated by the magnets. The results of this test showed no significant difference between the two sets of beans, and I concluded that the magnets had very little if no effect on healthy organisms.

Progress in Healing

By the beginning of February

By February 2nd, I felt that I was not getting any further benefit for my prostate and stopped the magnet treatment. I concluded that I was experiencing saturation or overload and decided to use the magnets for three days on and three days off.

I resumed on February 6th and experienced a calming effect similar to the first time and an improvement in symptoms.

I also concluded that one hour per day was sufficient for me as I felt over stimulated by any more than this. My wife, on the other hand seemed, to be able to use the magnets for longer periods.

Torsion energy is backed by science. Click on the button below to access this section.

By the end of February

By the end of February, I felt that I had further recovered from the effects of an enlarged prostate as I was able to get a full night's sleep most nights.

By this stage I was experiencing less pain and my wife was reporting similar benefits. I felt that I had developed a tolerance to the energy and went on a regimen of three days on and one day off, however, I then experienced symptoms of overload, reduced benefits, and sleep disturbance.

I decided to try a new regimen after one day off. This, I decided would be a half hour per day every day. Meanwhile, my sister who has serious issues with arthritis reported some benefits with back pain.

Ref. 1 Swanson C., Life Force, The Scientific Basis, Poseidia Press, Tucson, AZ. (2010) pages 242-243

Ref. 2 Ibid. page 27

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