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The magnets should be placed as close as possible to the affected area of the body. They work through your clothes so you don’t have to put them next to your skin.

I found that one hour of treatment per day was optimum initially. You may initially experience a feeling of drowsiness or relaxation. This is a sign that the energy is working.

If you use the magnets for longer periods than one hour per day, you may experience unpleasant symptoms such as feeling spaced out, heavy or disconnected. If you feel this stop immediately. You can resume the next day without ill-effect.

Healing pad

Progress with self treatment

Results after three days

I found that after three days, I had reached the maximum intake of energy and was not experiencing any further benefit. I found that by stopping for a day, I could resume and continue to benefit as before.

Different body parts

Something told me to try putting the magnets on my head and I placed the healing pad under a cap for five minutes with the energy directed downwards into my head.. The cap held the pad in place and I experienced a definite feeling of calm and freedom from thoughts.

What was best?

Eventually I found that a half hour per day was optimum for me but others may find a regimen that suits them. Don’t be discouraged if things seem to go backwards occasionally. Keep going and be patient.

 Effects of head treatment

Afterwards, I felt a bit spaced out, as you may feel if you do this for more than five minutes. This treatment may help people suffering from an overactive mind, anxiety or depression.

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