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Results from investigations

This a new website referring to a new discovery and experience of magnetic loop healing is limited to a small number of people almost all of whom have obtained a noticeable benefit from treatment.


Four people have experienced reduction in symptoms of BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia).


Two people have experienced a considerable reduction in pain from arthritis.


Two people have experienced relief from back pain

One person has used the magnets to cure warts in eight weeks.

One person has experienced a reduction in inflammation.

One person had relief from acid reflux.

One person improved skin lesions

One person healed a burn on a finger in two days

One person experienced a reduction in pain from arthritis

Two people have benefited from applying the magnetic pad to the crown of the head and have experienced clarity of thought and calmness



Ailments that have been present for a long time take longer to heal, and those of a shorter time heal more quickly.

BPH requires long term treatment, and one should wait until substantial progress is made, before reducing medication. Treatment may be reduced slowly after progress is achieved.


A person who went on holidays for two weeks without the magnets, experienced a return of full BPH symptoms, but these were improved within three days of treatment on his return home.

I need to get as many people as possible to try this type of healing.

If you want to send a testimonial or relate your experiences with magnetic loop healing,

please email

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